Solutions to Pollution

Finding solutions to pollution is as simple as letting nature work.

Rain should soak into the ground so any pollution can be cleaned naturally, by soil and plants. More and more cities are building green stormwater solutions like rain gardens that save money and work! Of course, we should all avoid polluting and be stewards for a clean Puget Sound. See tips below for details.

Build a rain garden in your yard. Rain gardens capture polluted runoff from rooftops, driveways, and other hard surfaces and soak it into the ground – they’re practical and beautiful! Visit these links for guides, resources, and rebate programs:

Be a responsible car owner.  Wash your car at a car wash so polluting oil and grime gets treated properly. Does your car leak oil? Learn how to identify and fix the oil leak. Visit Don’t Drip and Drive to find easy steps to prevent your car leaking.

Report drainage problems to your local stormwater utilities. Visit Seattle Public Utilities Storms and Flooding site to learn how to prevent flooding. Report surface water pollution here.

Learn more! The Department of Ecology works to control toxic chemicals that flow from our roadways into Puget Sound. View their Toxic Chemicals in Puget Sound page to learn how our state is tackling Puget Sound pollution from the ground up.


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